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Gregorian Egyptian Museum

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The Vatican's Gregorian Egyptian

13/04/2018 · Vatican Gregorian Egyptian Museum around the Corte della Pigna houses excellent Egyptian antiquities, inlcuding mummy cases and sarcofagi from ancient Egypt

Gregorian Egyptian Museum - Vatican

Founded on the initiative of Pope Gregory XVI in 1839, the Gregorian Egyptian Museum occupies nine rooms, with a broad hemicycle that opens onto th...


26/01/2015 · The museum is housed in the Palace of Innocent VIII built in about 1487 by Giacomo da Pietrasanta as the Gregorian Etruscan Museum. The objects come from ...

Museo Gregoriano Egizio – Gregorian

12/01/2017 · Fondato per iniziativa di Gregorio XVI, il Museo Egizio si trova nel palazzetto di Belvedere. Del primo allestimento, curato dal barnabita Padre Luigi ...

Egyptian Museum - VaticanState

Egyptian Museum. Etruscan Museum. Pio-Christian Museum. Gregorian Profane Museum. Gallery of Tapestries. Pius-Clementine Museum. Missionary Ethnological Museum.

Gregorian Egyptian Museum Rome - …

Presentation of Gregorian Egyptian Museum in Rome Vatican Museums in Vatican City

Gregorian Egyptian Museum - Vatican

“Vatican Naophorous” Stele of Hatshepsut and Thutmose III Shroud of the “Lady of the Vatican” Sarcophagus of Djedmut Statue of Osiris-Antinous Statue of Queen ...


28/01/2015 · “She was considered to be the bearer of the flood of the Nile River. The bust would hung over a fountain powered by a large tank which, driven by complex ...

Dettaglio - VisitLazio

Dettaglio; Rome's Egyptian Museum. The Egyptian Museum of Rome reopened in November 2014 with a free exhibition of treasures from the Tomb of Tutankhamun.

Gregorian Egyptian Museum - …

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